NH House Finance Committee Denies NH Retirees a Cost-of-Living Adjustment

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February 21, 2018


NH House Finance Committee Denies NH Retirees a Cost-of-Living Adjustment

Concord – Today the NH House Finance Committee voted 14 to 10 to kill HB1756-FN, a bill that would provide a long overdue COLA to the 28,000 currently retired public employees. Several Republican members of the committee provided reasons for this decision that were based on misunderstandings of the NH Retirement System, false realities, and unfounded claims that the State has no responsibility for all public employees.

“We are incredibly disappointed in today’s vote. For decades, the NH Legislature recognized its responsibility to its state and municipal retirees,” explained William McQuillen, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire and Chairman of the NH Retirement Security Coalition. McQuillen when on to explain, “Until eight years ago, the legislature always put aside party politics to honor the dedication and hard work our retirees had given to the state. It is inexcusable for this House Finance Committee to set aside its responsibilities, yet again, when our retirees always held up their end of the bargain.”

The last time NH retirees received an automatic COLA was 2010.  There will not be another COLA granted to retirees until the NH legislature does something about it. Rich Gulla President of SEIU Local 1984 reiterated this point, “Our retirees have gone eight long years without a COLA. When began their careers there was an understanding their hard work would be recognized in their retirement. The 14 members of the House Finance Committee who voted against HB1756-FN turned their backs on NH’s retirees today and that is shameful.”

HB1756-FN will head to the full NH House in the upcoming weeks. There is still time for the NH Legislature to do the right thing and stand up and stand with the 28,000 retired state and municipal members.

If you’re interested in speaking with a spokesperson from the New Hampshire Retirement Security Coalition, please contact Casey McCabe at info@nhretirementsecuritycoalition.com


  1. Why???? I want to know who the heartless people are who voted against trhi9s. It’s not their money in the first place. We the retirees put it there from our pay checks when we were working. How dare they. Vote the bastards out…
    Bob Savoie

  2. 14 members who SUPPORTED killing the bill:
    Rep. Ober
    Rep. Weyler
    Rep. Allen
    Rep. Umberger
    Rep. Twombley
    Rep. Byron
    Rep. Danielson
    Rep. Emerick
    Rep. Spanos
    Rep. Renzullo
    Rep. Bates
    Rep. Hennessey
    Rep. Griffin
    Rep. Kurk

    10 members who voted AGAINST killing the bill:
    Rep. Wallner
    Rep. Eaton
    Rep. Norgren
    Rep. Smith
    Rep. Rosenwald
    Rep. Leishman
    Rep. Bucco
    Rep. Hatch
    Rep. Rogers
    Rep. Lovejoy

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