We advocate at the local, state, and national level to protect retirement security for ALL publicly employed active members and retirees enrolled in the NH Retirement System


We engage our active and retired members in the legislative process, in communities, and in the public because its their voices that must be heard in order to deliver the important message of retirement security for ALL


We work to educate members, legislators, and the public about the benefits of retirement security to working class families, recruitment and retention of exceptional public employees, and to the state and local economy.

NH Retirement Facts

Benefits are most: two-thirds of NHRS retirees received an annual pension benefit of less than $25,000

New Hampshire’s annual pension costs for the state and municipalities are half the national average

Each dollar paid out in pension benefits support $1.40 in total economic activity in New Hampshire

Each dollar invested” by New Hampshire taxpayers supports $6.33 in total economic activity in New Hampshire

As it stands, NHRS is over 60% funded – changes were made in 2007 to correct the under-funding of the NHRS and it is set to be fully-funded by 2039

Next Step

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