2019 Legislative Session

January 2, 2019

Today marks the beginning of the 2019 legislative session. Several bill titles have been filed dealing with retirement issues. However, the full language of all of the bills has yet to be released.

The Coalition is monitoring these bill titles closely as language will start to be released in the upcoming weeks and we will know exactly which titles will become full bills.

Below you will find the full list of the 11 LSRs (legislative service requests) that are currently on file that have something to do with retirement. Please note there is a bill calling for a Cost of Living Adjustments for ALL retirees. This is and will remain a priority for the Coalition during the session.

Please stay tuned for all updates regarding public hearings, votes, and ways to engage your local legislators.

2019-0006 Title: relative to payment by the state of a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers.  
Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing
HB110-FN-ATitle: relative to the cost of fiscal analysis of legislation relating to the retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Katherine Rogers
HB116-FN Title: relative to the job classification of positions in the retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , Peter Schmidt, Dianne Schuett, Steven Beaudoin
2019-0496 Title: relative to part time employment of retired community college system faculty.
Sponsors: (Prime) Mel Myler , Christy Bartlett, David Luneau, Arthur Ellison
2019-0557 Title:  relative to county employees’ participation in the state retirement system
.Sponsors: (Prime) Skip Rollins , John Cloutier, Steven Smith, Lee Oxenham, Walter Stapleton, Judy Aron
2019-0582 Title: relative to the limitations on part-time employment under the New Hampshire retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) David Danielson
2019-0674 Title: relative to a cost of living adjustment for retirees in the state retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Dianne Schuett , Howard Moffett, Phyllis Katsakiores, Mark Pearson, Sallie Fellows, Arthur Ellison
2019-0709 Title: establishing a state defined contribution retirement plan for state and political subdivision members of the retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire
2019-0733 Title: relative to the inclusion of attendance stipends as earnable compensation in the rtirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Peter Schmidt
2019-0759 Title: relative to the purchase of service credit in the state retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Kristina Schultz , Sharon Carson, John Sytek
2019-0960 Title: relative to an active employee member of the retirement system independent investment committee.
Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Cavanaugh

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