2018 Legislation

Currently, 23 LSRs have been filed dealing with retirement as shown below, with one whose text has been released. Please stay tuned for future updates regarding which LSRs become filed bills and which of those bills the NHRSC will monitor during the 2018 session.

HB413 text
HB Title: relative to payment by the state of a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers.
Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing

HB421 text
HB Title: relative to revocation of retirement and other benefits for persons convicted of certain crimes while in public service.
Sponsors: (Prime) Valerie Fraser , James BelangerJames McConnell

HB366 text
HB Title: relative to the calculation of average final compensation under the retirement system for certain members.
Sponsors: (Prime) Barbara Shaw

HB593 text
HB Title: granting group II retirement system status to certain positions in the department of corrections.
Sponsors: (Prime) Robert Renny Cushing , Laura PantelakosDan FeltesDavid Welch

HB369 text
HB Title: relative to the amortization of retirement system unfunded accrued liability.
Sponsors: (Prime) Donald LeBrun , Mariellen MacKayCarl SeidelTimothy TwomblyMark King

HB653 text
HB Title: relative to health care premium contributions for Medicare eligible state retirees.
Sponsors: (Prime) Neal Kurk

HB561 text
HB Title: (New Title) relative to contributions by retirement system employers for certain full-time positions changed to part-time or interim employment and relative to enforcement of provisions concerning retired members working part-time after retirement.
Sponsors: (Prime) Neal Kurk , Gary AzarianLeonard TurcotteBill OhmBob Giuda

SB219 text
SB Title: relative to a one-time allowance for certain state retirees.
Sponsors: (Prime) Sharon Carson , Jeb BradleyDonna SoucyMichael McCarthyDavid DanielsonFranklin SterlingBetsy McKinneyPatricia Dowling

HB1754 text
HB Title: establishing a state defined contribution retirement plan for state and political subdivision members of the retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) John Graham , John ReaganCarol McGuireLeonard Turcotte

HB1729 text
HB Title: allowing the state retiree medical benefits subsidy to be used for alternative group insurance plans.
Sponsors: (Prime) Brian Stone

HB1756 text
HB Title: relative to an additional allowance and a cost of living adjustment for retirees from the state retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Stephen Shurtleff , Dianne SchuettMary Freitas

HB1757 text
HB Title: relative to the reduction in the calculation of state retirement system annuities at age 65.
Sponsors: (Prime) David Danielson , Dianne Schuett

HB1748 text
HB Title: relative to status for part-time retired judges.
Sponsors: (Prime) Troy Merner , Sharon CarsonRobert ThebergeRichard Hinch

HB1603 text
HB Title: relative to employee representation on the independent investment committee in the New Hampshire retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Mark Proulx , Herbert RichardsonMichael McCarthyDianne SchuettDavid DanielsonMartin Bove

HB1427 text
HB Title: relative to membership in the retirement system for certain officials.
Sponsors: (Prime) Lisa Freeman

HB1767 text
HB Title: establishing a multiple employer public retirement plan.
Sponsors: (Prime) Shannon Chandley , Kermit Williams

2018-2712 SB Title: authorizing the purchase of retirement system creditable service by a certain surviving spouse.
Sponsors: (Prime) Regina Birdsell , Chuck MorseSharon CarsonKenneth WeylerJoseph GuthrieDavid WelchDennis Green

CACR20 text
CACR Title: relating to the retirement age of judges. Providing that the retirement age of judges be increased.
Sponsors: (Prime) Donna Soucy , Bette LaskySharon CarsonJeb BradleyPaul BerchDan Feltes

SB324 text
SB Title: allowing an optional retirement system allowance to include a subsequent remarriage of a divorced retiree.
Sponsors: (Prime) Lou D’Allesandro

2018-2935 SB Title: including police officers of the capital area police unit in group II of the retirement system.
Sponsors: (Prime) Bob Giuda , Lou D’AllesandroMartha Fuller ClarkBette LaskySharon CarsonJeb BradleyKenneth WeylerRoger BerubeDonald LeBrunDavid WelchJames GrayWilliam Gannon

2018-2981 SB Title: relative to health care premium payments for certain retired state workers.
Sponsors: (Prime) Dan Feltes , Martha Fuller ClarkBette LaskyJeff WoodburnDavid WattersDonna SoucyDavid WelchMartin BoveMartha HennesseyKevin Cavanaugh

HB1823 text
HB Title: relative to layered amortization of retirement system liabilities.
Sponsors: (Prime) Carol McGuire , Sharon CarsonDavid WattersBill Ohm

HB1805 text
HB Title: establishing a committee to study level dollar amortization of retirement system unfunded accrued liability.
Sponsors: (Prime) Bill Ohm , Sharon CarsonDavid WattersCarol McGuire